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Other Partners

Besides its international partner institutions, the Cross-Border Issues Group (CBIG) receives funding and enjoys working relationships with a number of other organizations.

Center for Regional Studies
The University of New Mexico’s Center for Regional Studies (CRS) enables the creation of new sources of knowledge for New Mexico and the U.S. Mexico Borderlands region.  CRS has provided crucial funding for CBIG educational and research efforts.

Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma   
This program provides training, support and seminars for journalists, journalism students and educators who need to develop strategies for dealing with victims of trauma and traumatic experiences.  CBIG is an active member of Dart’s Border Studies project.

Department of Communication and Journalism
The University of New Mexico’s Department of Communication and Journalism has an undergraduate journalism program and Master’s and Doctoral programs in mass, intercultural and health communication that provides students, faculty and logistical support for CBIG programs.

Division of Student Affairs
The University of New Mexico Division of Student Affairs supports various educational and transformative experiences in the lives of students.  It has provided essential scholarship support and international expertise for CBIG projects.

International Programs and Studies
The University of New Mexico’s Office in International Programs and Studies (OIPS) provides services for international students and coordinates international study programs for UNM students.

Latin American and Iberian Institute
The University of New Mexico’s LAII coordinates Latin American scholarship and programs at the university level.  It has been designated a National Resource Center by the U.S. Department of Education.

UTB/TSC Library:  Digital Border Studies Resource Center
The University of Texas at Brownsville and Texas Southmost Colleege have created a binational, bilingual center and digital library that houses a number of CBIG videos and other materials.