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North American Immigration Issues                     

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Never in the history of the North American Continent have so many people been on the move.  Since the 1980s they have left their rural homes and urban centers in record numbers, with and without documents, by every means imaginable.

Yet at the moment that those North American migratory flows reached unprecedented proportions, borders that were once relatively open began slamming shut.  Walls are being erected, checkpoints and roadblocks set up, detention centers built and filled and deportations occurring as never before.

What was once primarily recognized as a labor or political asylum policy issue is now infused by fears over job security, narco-trafficking turf wars, cultural identities and growing concerns over international terrorism. 


Above: Seated Central Americans in a Oaxacan migrant shelter showing planned migration routes to CBIG's Amanda Skotchdopole and Richard Schaefer. Photo: Carolyn Gonzales

Topics:  Albergues (Shelters) for Migrants in Transit

       • Unaccompanied Children Migrant Detainee Problems

Honduran and Central American Migrant Voices

• Southwest Border Stories of Smuggling and Immigration

• El Sueño Americano       Learning English and ESL

DREAM Act Defeats Lead to DACA

Undocumented Students at UNM and Generation 1.5

North American Trade Policies and Migration

• Closing the US-Mexico Border and Funnel Effect

Indigenous Immigration: Chiapas      • Navajo Migration

Radio Programs:                • Five radio pieces (2007) 

• Perspectives on Mexican Immigration (57 min. doc., 2008)