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Useful Links on Immigration in North America

Border Journalism Network
Network of instructors, students and journalists covering border issues

Center for Immigration Studies
Anti-migration Web site with studies and information

Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma   
Training, support and seminars for journalists and students

David Bacon Photographs and Stories
Social activist and labor journalist reports on immigration

Latin American and Iberian Institute
Latin American scholarship and programs at Univ. of New Mexico

Migration Policy Institute
Pro-Immigrant Web site with studies and information

National Immigration Law Center
NILC provides legal information and defends migrant rights

Pew Hispanic Center
Pew produces demographic studies on U.S. Hispanic populations

U.S. Census Bureau
Reports from the 10-year and ACS surveys of U.S. population

UTB/TSC Library:  Digital Border Studies Resource Center
Binational, bilingual center and digital library on borderlands