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Meeting Zapatistas in Chiapas

For Potential Participants (See Internships below)

Students, staff and faculty from colleges and universities inside and outside the United States are welcome to apply for Cross-Border Issues Group programs and exchanges.  Applicants should be willing to work under difficult conditions and in bilingual teams.  Many programs require  a working knowledge of Spanish, but that is not always so.

See the Future Events / Programs navigation pane on the left for upcoming programs and events.

The University of New Mexico has many reciprocal and convenio agreements that allow students to remain enrolled and pay tuition at their home institution while participating in a CBIG program run through the University of New Mexico.  This may be particularly important for international students.

UNM and CBIG also provide scholarships of various sorts and supplemental funding for CBIG programs.  Contact Dr. Richard Schaefer to determine if there is funding available for a particular program.  Inquiries may be made in Spanish to English.

Students need to be 18 or older to participate in CBIG programs and should have their passports and visa documents to participate in out-of-country CBIG programs. Students also need to be responsible and mature, as well as aware that traveling to immigration hot spots entails some risks.

Although many CBIG programs are journalistic in nature, students need not be journalism or communication majors to participate. 

The University of New Mexico offers information for exchange program participants on the Latin American and Iberian Institute, the UNM Study Abroad Web site and the Office of International Programs and Studies Web pages.


DREAM Act Funded Summer Internships in major cities:

DREAM Summer is a 10-week internship program that will place DREAM Act student leaders with social justice, labor and community organizations. Each participant will receive a $5,000 scholarship to support his or her educational goals. Internships for DREAM Act student leaders will be offered in the following cities: Los Angeles, the San Francisco Bay Area, Phoenix, New York, Washington D.C. and Miami. Applicants must live in these cities in order to apply.

Intern applicants and those interested in working with interns should visit DREAM Act Funded Summer Internships at.

(Note of caution:  UNM is always concerned about scams on students.  Richard Schaefer was sent info on this internship from a trusted former student, but that student did not participate in the program, so potential applicants would be wise to proceed with a degree of caution.  Also, please note that there is a “living in these cities” requirement. – RJS)